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Coffee Fills Pound Cake with Mocha Cream

In this creation, the classic pound cake is amplified by the exotique approach and alluring presentation...

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Ingredients and tools

For the Coffee Fills pound cake

Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills 100 gm

Unsalted butter 100gm

Eggs 3

Refined flour 100 gm

Castor sugar 100 gm

Baking powder 1 tsp

Espresso or coffee decoction 50 ml

For the mocha cream

Egg yolks 3

Castor sugar 90 gm

Milk 120 ml

Gelatin 3.5 tsp

Whipped cream 300 gm

Espresso or coffee decoction 10 ml


Oven, bowl, whisk, spatula, baking tray, sauce pan and satay sticks.

Serves 6

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To prepare

The Coffee Fills pound cake

Preheat the oven to 180oC.

In a bowl, whisk butter and sugar until the mixture is light. Add the eggs gradually and incorporate into the cream with the coffee decoction.

Fold in the dry ingredients and mix lightly till no lumps remain. Add the Coffee Fills quarters and fold into the batter.

Transfer the batter to a baking tray or mould and bake at 180oC for about 30 minutes.

The mocha cream

Mix the gelatin with two tablespoons of water and allow it to swell.

Warm the milk and sugar, until the sugar has dissolved. Whisk in the egg yolks and whisk on a low flame until a custard like consistency is reached.

Take it off the flame and add the gelatin, coffee decoction and cool. Fold with whipped cream and set aside.

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To Assemble

Cut the pound cake into cubes and layer with the mocha cream. Garnish with quarters of Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills. Suspend with satay sticks and present inventively.

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Tools and such

  • 1. Silicone muffin mould
  • 2. Ring cutter
  • 3. Palette knife
  • 4. Piping bag and nozzle
  • 5. Silicone spatula
  • 6. Silicone ring mould
  • 7. Grater
  • 8. Ice cream scoop
  • 9. Digital weighing scale
  • 10. Heavy bottom sauce pan
  • 11. Citrus zester
  • 12. Pastry brush
  • 13. Rectangle tart mould
  • 14. Electric whisker
  • 15. Baking tray
  • 16. Parchment paper
  • 17. Whisk
  • 18. Mixing bowl
  • 19. Disposable loaf baking pan